“A good education unlocks doors and turns potential into reality. At The Learning Luminarium, we are proud to have had a hand in shaping and aiding many to unlock doors to a successful career. Our Lecturers are Educators, Role Models and Life Coaches, equipping you with skills that will stand you in good stead for all your future endeavours.”


ACCA-OBU Mentorship

Location: International

With years of experience, our mentors have aided ACCA students to achieve their Bachelor in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. Utilising an innovative one-to-one system of mentorship, real-time assessment of the Research and Analysis Project as the student works, as well as an in-house assessment prior to submission, we have consistently turned in passing rates much higher than the national and international passing rates.



Location: Regional
Specialisation: Accounting, Business, Finance and Business Law

As Lecturers ourselves, we know all too well that lecturers fall sick, have mishaps or take emergency leaves. Our clients do not need to scramble for replacements as we are able to provide them ad-hoc cover.Our Lecturers are highly qualified, possessing strong oratorical abilities to engage students from all walks of life. Having lectured in Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam on Accounting, Business, and even Public Speaking, our Lecturers have had the international exposure that allows them to understand what students across all backgrounds need, and shaping the lessons to delivering just these for students to excel.


“Because at the Learning Luminarium, your success is ours too. We pride ourselves in mentoring the eager minds of tomorrow.”