New Requirements for Topics 8 and 15 (Period 35 and 36)

Topic 8 and 15 requirements: November 2017 (Period 35) and May 2018 (Period 36): All students submitting a project on topic 8 or topic 15 in November 2017 or May 2018 MUST use sector specific organisations, based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB): For period 35 and 36 these sectors are:- 2713 Aerospace Manufacturers, […]

New Product: Mentorship Video Lectures

TLL was founded with the mission of bringing quality mentorship to people everywhere around the world. Since then, our mentors have worked tirelessly to offer the very best mentorship across geographical boundaries and time zones. We are aware that some students are unable to tap on the knowledge and experience of our mentors due financial reasons. In […]

Interview with our graduates: Topic 18

Name of Graduate: Matthew Lee Country: Singapore Occupation: Student Of the 20 topics, which topic did you select for the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) and why? I selected topic 18: Marketing due to my inclined interest for automobiles. Doing a project which I was innately interested in would have made writing the content easier. What made you […]

3 Mindsets of Great Writers

  Students have been asking us what exactly is a good report. While one way to show this is to give sample paragraphs of well-written work (which we do!), another way is to teach the right mind-sets a student needs to cultivate. Here are 3 mind-sets that usefully double up as life skills that you […]

OBU: Changes and Updates!

Our principal mentor managed to catch up with the Chief Moderator and Program Director in a meeting for mentors in Singapore. We are pleased to bring you the updates from the meeting in the document appended below: Download: Peek into Mentor Workshop The document addresses recent changes made to the OBU Mentorship, the expectations for different topics […]

Timeline for OBU Mentorship

Many students have often asked what the rough timeline should look like for mentorship. While the mentorship is a one-on-one, personalised one, which means you are allowed to customise and dictate when meetings are held and when you are ready to move to the next phase, the following info-graphic will guide your expectations on the […]

5 Main Reasons for Failure

Irwin, a mentor from the Learning Luminarium discusses 5 common reasons for failing your Research and Analysis Project (RAP). He will discuss the expectations of markers from the Oxford Brookes University (OBU) and what students can do during their mentorship. This document is free to download for all who are interested.     Click on […]

Take advantage of built-in features of MS Word!

Have you ever felt it was tedious to create a table of contents manually, only to have to update it periodically? Or have you ever wondered how to reference and cite accurately? Our mentor, Adrian illustrates how to take advantage of several features present in MS Word 2007 (or later) to create these automatically.  

Interview with an ‘A’ student: Asher Teh

We are happy to introduce a new feature on our website: Our Blog! You will find useful articles, interviews, and even videos that will be posted here, designed to aid you in preparation of your Research and Analysis Project (RAP) for submission to Oxford Brookes University (OBU).    Interview with Asher Teh    Topic chosen: 6 […]

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