Interview with our graduates: Topic 18

Name of Graduate: Matthew Lee35mm x 45mm ( Matthew Lee)
Country: Singapore
Occupation: Student

Of the 20 topics, which topic did you select for the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) and why?

I selected topic 18: Marketing due to my inclined interest for automobiles. Doing a project which I was innately interested in would have made writing the content easier.

What made you approach The Learning Luminarium for mentorship? Were they your first mentor?

I approached the Learning Luminarium after failing the RAP the first time. This was on a recommendation from a friend who passed on her second try with her mentor at the Learning Luminarium.

What were the most challenging issues during your Project and why?

The most challenging issues surrounding the project included providing apt perspective into the marketing area of expertise, as well as value adding to the data which was already provided by the company I was researching. In essence, the provision of relevant analyses for the project was crucial.

What value did your mentor bring to the project?

He was able to structure my direction for the project, and to fine-tune the ideas which I had originally put in place for my original project. He was able to provide many realms of perspective and avenues for me to rethink and rehash certain aspects of my research material.

Given the price of your mentorship package, would you say the benefits derived fully justified the costs?

The benefits derived from the package were invaluable and one would say that compared to what I was paying for the previous mentor I had hired, the benefits outweighed the material costs of the package greatly!

Now the project is over and you have passed. Did the mentorship help you in the development of any skills that you can further carry in your career and life?

I have learnt to capitalise on the perspectives that my mentor has provided and this would carry forward to my working life in the financial industry in future.

What advice/tips would you give to new students who are considering the Research and Analysis Project (RAP)?

I suggest that aspiring students undertaking the RAP take up the packages with The Learning Luminarium and listen to the advice that the mentors here have to offer. Moreover, utilising proper academic writing techniques with citations and being thorough in the research done would be crucial in doing well for your RAP.


Additional note from our mentors: If you are planning to select topic 18, do ensure that information on market size and shares can be easily obtained. You will be required to analyse the changes and relate these changes to the marketing efforts of the company.


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